Linter Checks List

Below is a running list of planned and implemented lint checks.


Here is a list of implemented lint checks. More detailed information about each check is available in Lint Code Reference.

C0102 Black listed name “{:s}”
C0103 Invalid {:s} name “{:s}” doesn’t match {:s}
C0111 Missing docstring on function or macro declaration
C0112 Empty docstring on function or macro declaration
C0113 Missing {:s} in statement which allows it
C0114 Form descriminator hidden behind variable dereference
C0201 Consider replacing custom parser logic with cmake_parse_arguments
C0202 Argument name {:s} differs from existing argument only in case
C0301 Line too long ({:d}/{:d})
C0303 Trailing whitespace
C0304 Final newline missing
C0305 {:s} newlines between statements
C0306 Tab-policy violation. Found {:s} but should be {:s}
C0307 Bad indentation: {:s}{:s} {:s}^—-{}
C0321 Multiple statements on a single line
C0327 Wrong line ending ({:s})
E0011 Unrecognized file option {:s}
E0012 Bad option value {:s}
E0103 {:s} outside of loop
E0108 Duplicate argument name {:s} in function/macro definition
E0109 Invalid argument name {:s} in function/macro definition
E1120 Missing required positional argument
E1121 Too many positional arguments
E1122 Duplicate keyword argument {:s}
E1125 Missing required keyword argument {:s}
E1126 Invalid form descriminator
R0911 Too many return statements {:d}/{:d}
R0912 Too many branches {:d}/{:d}
R0913 Too many named arguments {:d}/{:d}
R0914 Too many local variables {:d}/{:d}
R0915 Too many statements {:d}/{:d}
W0101 Unreachable code
W0104 Use of deprecated command {:s}
W0105 {:s} variable ‘{:s}’ which matches a built-in except for case
W0106 String looks like a variable reference missing an {:s} tag ‘{:s}’


Here are some planned lint checks based on the kinds of things that pylint looks for. If there’s a particular check you’d like to see added, please open an issue on github.

C0203 uncanonical spelling of {:s}
C0204 uncanonical keyword order
C0205 use of bad-idea command {:s}
C0302 Too many lines in listfile
C0303 Wrong hanging indentation
C0304 raw assignment to property
E0001 (syntax error raised for a listfile; message varies)
E0011 Unrecognized file option %r
E0102 %s already defined line %s
E1123 Passing unexpected keyword argument %r in function call
F0001 (error prevented analysis; message varies)
F0002 %s: %s (message varies)
F0010 error while code parsing: %s
I0010 Unable to consider inline option %r
I0011 Locally disabling %s
I0012 Locally enabling %s
I0013 Ignoring entire file
I0020 Suppressed %s (from line %d)
I0021 Useless suppression of %s
R0201 Macro could be a function
R0401 Cyclic import (%s)
R0801 Similar lines in %s files
W0102 Using local variable %r before assignment
W0103 Undefined local variable %r
W0104 Use of deprecated command
W0105 Use of deprecated kwarg
W0106 Use of deprecated command form {:s}
W0212 Access to a private variable %s of a find module
W0402 Uses of a deprecated find module %r
W0622 Redefining built-in %r
W1401 Anomalous backslash in string: ‘%s’.